Teagasc Grange Bio-Science Campus, Dunsany, Co. Meath, Ireland


Dunsany, Co. Meath, Ireland


Teagasc - the National Agriculture & Food Development Authority of Ireland




Life-Science + Innovation; Education; Research + Development; Public Sector

Completed 2010


Teagasc is the Nationally Agriculture and Food Development Authority. Their campus at Grange is viewed internationally as on one of the world’s beef production research programmes, and the aims of the programme are to identify the key priority needs of the sector and using the latest scientific knowledge to identify the technologies required to be developed in order to meet these needs, and thus underpinning the future of the sector.

CJFA undertook Masterplanning of the existing campus, for the purpose of re-organisation, and identifying location for new buildings, a new road network, water network, power and data – with a design sensitivity for appropriate laboratory facilities for animal tissue and molecular study.

The Masterplanning development of the first new building on the campus, a bio-science centre containing research and development facilities, and office facilities, as well as the integration of new laboratories into existing large scale facilities, while allowing all existing elements to remain in operation. The project involved considerable enabling works on a phased basis, and a complex integration of new building, and adaption of existing buildings – all delivered on a live operational campus. The careful phasing allowed relocation and alterations to existing buildings, with the subsequent remodelling of the entire campus.

These include Class 3 Laboratories for Pathogens, Radioactive Research Laboratories, RNA / DNA Laboratories, and the use of NMR magnetic instrumentation, and all associated facilitates for the Physiology of Growth / Lactation / Reproduction, animal nutrition, and product quality and animal health & wellbeing. This involves bio-eco-innovation and molecular biotechnology. The facilities will also provide a wide range of laboratories and associated offices for scientists, research technicians, and post-grad research. The G.M. Laboratory Facilities provides research in eco-innovation, commercial pharmaceutical research and molecular bio-technology in plants.