Sun Life European Headquarters, IDA Industrial Park, Waterford, Ireland


IDA Industrial Park, Waterford, Ireland


Sun Life Financial




Workplace / Fit-Out


Internal Floor Area – 3,637 m2


Completed 2015

Key Numbers:

Accommodating up to 400 staff, in a transparent, interconnected atmosphere.

Awards / Nominations:

Finalist for the 2015 SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland) Awards.


Sun Life European Head-Quarters project, including the relocation and expansion of Sun Life’s office spaces, into an adapted former industrial unit to accommodate up to 400 staff, including open-plan office-spaces, break-out spaces, and full commercial kitchen and cafeteria areas. The project was completed on programme and on budget, within a particularly strict timeframe – one which accommodated for our client’s relocation from their former premises, without disruption to their day-to-day operations.

The project incorporates a unique overall design intent developed through a close working relationship (locally, and transatlantically) between CJFA and Sun Life to deliver a consistent global identity within the clients’ working environment – as well as to arrange a space which inspires staff, whilst also promoting a positive working culture within the financial services organisation, which includes services in relation to wealth accumulation and insurance products, Software Development, Business Administration and Technical Service Desks. Part of this is the transparent, interconnected atmosphere nurtured by the open-plan office space, permeated by bespoke furnishings – which are practical, robust, and accented by choice colour-selections (which are chosen for their psychological properties, while also forming an international consistency with Sun Life’s International’s Brand).

This overall open-plan space also benefits from a number of dispersed ‘cellular’ step-back spaces, for those moments when Team Leaders, or Clients need privacy. These ‘pods’ (demountable and adaptable partition systems which are sound-proof rated) can operate as informal meetings, or break-out spaces areas. The project also includes an international audio-visual links conference room for larger discussions, and presentations. Further ensuring a pleasurable and productive working atmosphere, an artificial noise system has been fitted, which introduces a sound-masking frequency into the building, which reduces white-noise. This system operates in parallel with other acoustic treatments, including sound-masking applied acoustic-ceiling, and absorbing finishes.