Emerald Contact Centre H.Q., Waterford Business Park, Cork Rd, Waterford, Ireland


Waterford Business Park, Cork Rd, Waterford, Ireland


Emerald Contact Centre




Workplace / Fit-Out


Phased Development Floor Area of 2,360m2


2018 - Completion in 2019

Key Numbers:

Delivering 300+ Workstations


CJFA originally worked with Emerald Contact Centre / The Agora Brand to assist in the assessment of a number of suitable properties to accommodate their Waterford based expansion. The chosen property permits space for the variety of accommodation required to meet the company’s needs. CJFA were appointed as Architects and Project Managers to lead a design team, advise on statutory requirements, occupancy levels (including the ‘Workplace regulations’), suitable procurement and construction techniques and liaise with nominated representatives transatlantically to incorporate a unique overall design intent, and create a new international ECC Brand.

The project dictated a rapid programme for completion in various phases. CJFA have aimed to maximise the users’ occupancy comfort – with a specific ambition for the office areas, to create a transparent, interconnected atmosphere nurtured by an open-plan office space with consideration of circadian rhythms – permeated by bespoke furnishings and finishes – which are practical, robust, and suitable for the specific applications required – and accented by choice colour-selections. Each ‘suite’ accommodates a mix of open-plan spaces (both large and small) with associated supervisor / training areas, cellular offices and conference / meeting rooms. A unique canteen is also located at the uppermost level offering panoramic views outwards and access to an external terrace area, and based on biophilic principles. The accommodation requirements to meet General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance has also been fully articulated. Acoustics have been considered in the context of ‘soft-surfaces’, where required – such as acoustic-ceilings, in conjunction with floor finishes and the incorporation of soundmasking technology where required. HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, & air conditioning) have been integrated within the design to ensure the technology of indoor environmental comfort is operating at the optimum level within the individual spaces to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality. In tandem, lighting levels have been articulated to enhance employee productivity and well-being whilst maintaining a focus on energy savings and improved operational  efficiency.