Bausch + Lomb, IDA Technology Park, Waterford, Ireland


IDA Technology Park, Waterford, Ireland


Bausch + Lomb




Life-Science + Innovation / Industrial + Manufacturing


47,000 m2


Completed 2017

Key Numbers:

Producing 1,000,000,000 (one billion) contact lenses per annum.

Awards / Nominations:

2018 Irish Construction Excellence (ICE) Awards Project of the Year [Nomination, Awaiting Results]; 2018 Irish Construction Excellence (ICE) Awards 'Industrial Over €10 Million Project' Category [Finalist, Awaiting Results]; 2017 Medtech Facility of the Year Winner; 2017 Association of Decentralised Energy (ADE) ‘Visionary Project’ Award [Finalist, Awaiting Results]; 2017 Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) Award [Finalist, Awaiting Results]


CJFA have led a number of Integrated Design Team developments to Bausch + Lomb Ireland (B+L), Waterford IDA Technology Park. These include the following select developments:

Area 8: New Clean Room Film Capacity Building, and Extension to Existing B+L Office and Manufacturing Facility – this FCE Area 8 expansion was designed and developed with the objective of obtaining LEED gold. The Project included new Production & Plant room areas, Corridor and Staff ancillary accommodation, Offices, Conference rooms, and Cartoning Areas including 2 No. Loading docks. Construction Value: €30M Area: 1,013.92 m2

Areas 4.1 & 6.1: New Large Scale Office Facility, Clean Room Manufacturing, Large Loading Dock Station, Package & Processing Areas, and Plant Room – a complex phased expansion to B+L clean room contact lens manufacturing facility development, containing substantial office accommodation, clean room manufacturing, new loading areas, sprinkler installation, extension in a live manufacturing environment with a total area of 3,050m². It required phased construction, to allow manufacturing and offices to be relocated and kept in full production mode while the building was been expanded. The project was completed on time and on budget from a conceptual design to completion over 24 months. Further to completing this project, we received a new commission as Architects to complete the FCE Area 8 expansion (above) to the current facility. Production Area, Plant Room, Cartoning Area including new Loading dock areas; New laboratory and chemical storage facility. Construction Value: €5.7M; Area: 2,155m2

Area 5.2: New Production Area, offices, corridor and entrance areas including external façade treatment. Construction Value: €6M; Area: 1,1105m2

Area 4.2: New Cartoning/Storage Area, Offices and Conference Room Facilities. Construction Value: €2.47M; Area: 1,025m2

Areas 6.2 & 6.3: New Production, Cartoning Area including new loading dock areas & Mezzanine Plantroom. Construction Value: €5.6M; Area: 806m2